The term for what you’re not willing to do is Google’s limit. Hard limits are something you never want to do while soft limits are something you might be concerned about when trying to be cautious or work your way up. Some people like to explore soft limits, which may not be the limit after all.

Either way, your partner should reflect your limits even if it’s something as small as fashion. You don’t have to wear head-to-toe black leather or a rubber suit if you’re not comfortable with it. In fact, your annoyance at uttering the cliché can manifest and make it difficult for you to enjoy your scene. You can pick and choose elements and find what works for you and your partner without making you laugh, cringe, or get annoyed.

Likewise, you can get into lighter BDSM than hardcore BDSM if that’s all you care about!

How do I make sure my followers are not in danger?

There is an inherent risk to any BDSM London Mistress activity. although, some activities pose less risk than others. For example, you may not risk much if you are spanked, but suffocation can be dangerous. There are several ways to limit the risk.

Research activities before you do it. This allows you to know the risks and plan for them.

Keep the First Aid Kit, Safety Scissors, and Cell Phone close to your scene. If something goes wrong, you can quickly break free from the bondage, deal with any injuries, or call for help.

Specify a safe word and don’t be afraid to use it. A safeword isn’t good if you’re afraid to use it when you’re submissive — or if your partner ignores it. You can call your safe at any time, even if you don’t think you should. You can even practice using a safe word in a scene. Choose something easy to remember and say. Remember, you can crash when you decide to call it.

Only participate in BDSM with trusted partners. That guy can be hot and okay for a one-night stand if you’re just having vanilla sex, but if you don’t know if you can trust him or his level of experience with BDSM London Mistress, that can be quite dangerous.

Remember that you are not helpless. Your submission is a gift. You can get it back at any time.