If you already understand what BDSM is, don’t ignore its forms.

Bondage and discipline

If the actions of being tied and forced in society are condemned, behind the door it is completely the opposite.

The first two words of BDSM mean coercing and punishing the opponent to achieve the highest pleasure in sex. To “practice” bondage will require the use of a whip or similar tools.

Dominance and submission

Expressed through postures or tendencies in personality, it is clear that one person likes to control the other in the form of passive dependence.

Sadism and masochism

With this form, pain is the pleasure that the “player” wants. Don’t mistake it as sadism because any activity that causes pain and makes the other person uncomfortable is abuse, not BDSM.

What is violence?

Masochistic (sadism) is considered an unusual sexual syndrome – sometimes sexual deviance. In it, the sadist will enjoy mild to cruel abuse that makes their partner scream in pain. Let them enjoy themselves.

The sadist is sometimes very cruel, with very rough actions. So sadism is considered a sexual disease. It’s almost a neurological disorder.

In many countries, sadism is considered a sex crime and is prosecuted under the laws of the country, especially without the consent of the partner, or causing trauma or abuse. However, in many cases, like domestic violence, victims (mostly women) do not dare or do not want to report, because of lack of knowledge, information or legal support. .

What is masochism?

Masturbation is a sexual tendency that forces the victim to either self- or “get” her partner to torture her in order to achieve satisfactory pleasure. The tortures are carried out in two forms of “hurting” or “humiliating”, by means of “action” or “words”.

Masochism is known in English as Masochism. Derived from the name of an Austrian writer that is Sacher Masoch (1836-1895). In his works, he described abnormal sexual activities that characterized this behavior, so that later people took his name to name this syndrome.

Female masochism: the one who suffers is a woman. During sex, sadistic tools are used to tie up the woman.

Male masochism: (English: Cock and ball torture, abbreviated as CBT). Any act of male pleasure through torturing the male genitalia,London Mistress  including the penis, testicles, and even the urinary tract.

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