1. the terms in “sex” are often used

Terms related to “sex” such as BDSM, S, M are gradually becoming more popular, even becoming a trend in the youth community. The flat world not only helps you expand knowledge related to life or technology of all kinds but we are also exposed to “notorious” sex trends in the world. So what is BDSM? What does S&M mean London Mistress? Please find out more details in the article below.

What is S&M?

S&M is still often used as a way of talking about people with monstrous sexual orientation.

S stands for Sadist meaning sadism, M stands for Masochist meaning masochism, heard that an S&M follower will enjoy sex in the most painful and exhausting ways.

Of course, if two people with similar interests S&M have enough fun in bed that’s fine, the other case when one is coerced or coerced is okay, horrible.

What is BDSM?

A more extended form of S&M, somewhat popular and also lighter minded, of course, we self-conventionally mean that, but obviously the expansion must be more terrible.

BDSM is an acronym for pairs of words in English that mainly refer to the relationship of people participating in sexual activity. Consists of:

  • Bondage (slave, bondage)
  • Discipline (discipline, punishment) (B&D, B/D, or BD),
  • Submission and Dominance (D&s, D/s, or Ds)
  • Masochism and Sadism (S&M, S/M, or SM)
  • To make it easiest to understand what BDSM is, you can simply understand it as sadism, masochism and unusual sexual acts that cause pain to your partner or yourself. BDSM participants will often play different roles in a pre-existing scenario. One person plays the role of the abuser, the other gets/gets/enjoys the abuse.

After the movie 50 Shades of Gray was released widely and made the sisters twisted for some reason, BDSM has also received more attention from our community.

The world is probably not too unfamiliar with BDSM even though it has become popular. However, in Vietnam, what is the term BDSM, perhaps many people do not know. Is BDSM bed sex the new climax London Mistress to the couple’s orgasm or is it relationship abuse?

BDSM is a form of role-playing or lifestyle choices between two or more individuals that create tension, pleasure, and sexual release through painful and powerful experiences. BDSM encompasses many different activities, types of relationships, and subcultures. Many of these experiences are still seen as going beyond the usual sexual acts and human relations.

Activities and relationships in a BDSM context are characterized by participants often playing a complementary role, which may or may not be equal.

The active role (performing behavior or controlling others) is often referred to as top or dominant.

The passive role (subject to actions or being controlled) is often called bottom or submissive.

Most of them can flexibly switch (switch) roles between two types in a relationship, or between different relationships.

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