Those who prefer an unusual, even dangerous type of sex, as is the case in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh all have mental problems. They often suffer from mental illness or psychological disorders…

At the scene, it was recorded that the victim was wearing a black T-shirt, in the room there were many pieces of parachute cord, tape… The first people who discovered the victim said that the victim was in a kneeling position, his limbs were tied in the balcony area. , head down, head covered with black tape…

Through extracting the camera and the statements of the people involved, the authorities arrested a young man named V. (32 years old, living in Ben Tre province, temporarily residing in Ho Chi Minh City, a friend of the victim).

According to the initial testimony, around 9 pm on December 23, victim Tr. texting and inviting V. to play tie art (a form of “sex game” BDSM) that both of them had done many times before.

The BDSM sex game is a form of role-playing or lifestyle choices between two or more individuals that create tension, pleasure, and sexual release through painful and powerful experiences.

The term BDSM comes from the term bondage (slavery, bondage); discipline (discipline, punishment); dominance and submission (submission); sadism and masochism.

BDSM encompasses many different activities, types of relationships, and cultural groups. Among these experiences is still seen as going beyond the usual sexual acts and human relations. Among them, the most dangerous “game” is to control the breath of the BDSM role-playing “sex slave”, including strangling the nose, hanging, or other ways to limit oxygen…

Usually sex is about achieving emotional sublimation, safe for both parties. But dangerous sex according to Dr. Lien is unhealthy and unsafe sexual activity between members during sex.

“Hazardous sex can have harmful effects on the health, psychology, and even the life of one or more members during sexual intercourse”, Ths. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Lien said.

Accordingly, with dangerous sex, there is a risk of declining health and life expectancy: Decreased immunity, decreased ability to prevent disease and increased risk of pathogens.

Dr. Lien also emphasized that having dangerous sex will also cause psychological trauma and mental disorders for the partner. Accordingly, it is very easy for partners to fall into a state of fear, apathy, loss of sexual desire in forced or forced sex, leading to death. There are even cases leading to depression, sexual behavior disorder.

According to the sex expert, dangerous types of sex include: forced, raped; not use protective measures; and one-member sex with promiscuous behavior.

In particular, the most ominous is having sex with someone who has sexual acts. The partner may then be at risk of masochism – that is, he only finds sexual pleasure when causing physical and emotional pain to his partner. There are also men and women who face masochism – only finding sexual pleasure in a relationship when the partner causes physical and emotional pain.

“Massage and sadism are both harmful to the health of themselves and their partners. In sexual masochism and masochism, if the acts of causing extreme pain can lead to death for the recipient of the painful act, the perpetrator will be sentenced to prison, the heaviest is death penalty”, emphasized Dr. Lien.

Therefore, according to Dr. Dinh Lien, those who like to have dangerous sex need to be treated psychologically to avoid unfortunate consequences that may happen to themselves as well as their partners…

According to Psychiatrists, the most recognizable and obvious sign of a person suffering from sadism is:

Having a preference for physical and mental abuse of a partner.

There are always actions that make their partner hurt.

The more your partner screams and suffers, the more excited they are and the easier it is to achieve pleasure.

Behaviors that often appear during sex such as biting, beating, scratching, cursing, etc.

This disease is more common in men than in women. However, this does not mean that women do not suffer from this disease. Although the rate of women suffering from this disease is very low. In fact, cases of sadism are rarely revealed until the victim is hospitalized.

Regarding the external manifestations, the person suffering from sadism has no special signs in life, activities and work. Even that person still appears to be a polite, cultured person in communication. Aggression is only shown when the person wants to have sex. At the same time, clearly show the behavior of wanting to cause pain to the partner for pleasure.

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