Worn tights, leg licking and spanking sessions – there are people who are willing to pay for it. The author of “Afisha Daily” Milana Logunova, having recovered from the experience of everyday slavery and said goodbye to the polygamists , is completing a trilogy of experiments on the topic of unusual relationships.

This story began when I first went to the police station. A couple of friends were invited to walk on the St. Petersburg rooftops in the center of London Mistress. They took us right in the front door, without the right to come to our senses – apparently, they noticed from below. The police locked us in a cage, where three victims of an alcoholic rave were already sitting. Of the girls – just me. The detainees looked out of the ordinary, but I was no better: a skirt, fishnet tights, ruined makeup. A thirty-year-old man spoke poorly, but the main thing was pronounced clearly:

– If you take off your panties now and give it to me, I will pay you a mower.

The proposal hung in the air. The policeman at the table heard him. He stood up, opened the cage and nodded towards the exit:

Do you understand the lesson? Leave. 

This is how my youthful rebellion began and ended, but not the whole story: as a journalist, nothing marginal is alien to me. The most important thing I learned from the lesson: I was offered money. 

The first case. Tights, used, expensive

In sexual fetishism, inanimate objects become the object of attraction: we can say that they become idols symbolizing a partner. For a fetishist, habitual sexual practices are not enough; for complete satisfaction, he needs “it”. 

I find out that in addition to the standard demand for worn panties on the network, there is a demand for the sale of tights, socks, T-shirts, dresses, tampons, pads and everything that can store a smell in itself.

English-language articles with life hacks teach that you can even cater to fetishists on eBay – however, you will have to fulfill part of the site conditions. No faces – this time. No descriptions of smells or stains – two. No sexual connotation – three. This means that if I sell socks, I can only post an ankle-deep photo and make a purely formal description. I search used tights and see just female legs in tights. I try to narrow the query: under the wording cabin crew tights are tights worn by the flight attendants of the aircraft. One thing saddens me: the price ranges from 5-10 dollars.

You can earn more on specialized sites. On one of the popular ones – Panty Tytrust – you can pay a $ 40 membership fee and then sell whatever comes to your mind – from panties to sex accessories or anything that has been in your vagina. I thought it would be difficult for me to compete with Western sellers, so I decided to go down one level.

The search engine of Russian social networks gives out attractive commercial offers: “Buy three things, I’ll give a daily gift for free”, “I make an intimate video for regular customers”, “All week on underwear with urine discounts”. Among the thousands of ads I find a specialized public “Fetish of the Gods”. There are many similar ones, but I like this one – with an anime girl on the avatar. At the entrance I was greeted by a list of goods: a signal from Keksik, a signal from a Comet, a signal from a Sheep. All signals cost 70 rubles, teenage girls flaunt in the photographs, their faces are not visible. This is for the seed. In the news feed, they offer me to buy things from the new model Koki – she is 15 years old, and the girl’s goods can be viewed in a separate public store. Below I see another post: “Hurray, we are already eight thousand!”

This information knocks me out of balance: on the one hand, I do not believe that these underage girls are selling themselves and no one even saves them. On the other hand, I envy. I also want to go to a club where you can sell your skirts and T-shirts. I am writing to that very Koki and asking her for advice. The answer comes immediately.

T-shirts with sweat – give two

“Fetishists are everywhere. Now it seems to me that these are all men, ”says Koki over the phone, eating a sandwich. Noisy. At twelve o’clock in the afternoon, a man found time for me between couples. “It’s a huge delusion to think that perversion is not the norm. It became easier for me to live because I know that everyone has their own cockroaches. Sometimes I find clients through dating sites, sometimes they write themselves and ask for an individual order. None of my friends know what I do, but I don’t think they would care. I am from a wealthy family, but I still want to earn money for gifts – and preferably in a way that is easy and fast. This is what everyone wants. “

Koki’s real name is Sasha. In fact, she is an adult first-year student, in business for a little less than six months. In her personal blog there is a catalog: “a skirt in which I went to school” (1500 rubles), “leggings in which I went to physical training” (2000 rubles), “top of a swimsuit” (1500 rubles), “Worn tights” (800 rubles), “bra” (2000 rubles). The price for panties is always different. On average, 1,500 rubles. The public is regularly updated with photos of the blogger. One of the captions to the picture reads: “Thank you, loved ones, what happened to me.”

Few can fully support themselves with the help of a fetish business, but non-professionals can also earn extra money. You can at least get rid of old things at cost. In this industry, the more worn out the item, the higher the demand for it. Sasha found out about this way of making money by chance – from an interview with London Mistress Morana Bathory. Sasha sends three or four goods by mail a month; in five months she earned 7,000 rubles. It advertises itself through publics that specialize in the things of “youngsters”. Sometimes these publics arrange streams where bloggers demonstrate themselves with erotic overtones to the public – this helps to increase the client base. “Of course, I didn’t speak with other girls, but to be honest, most of them are minors… I don’t know what else to tell. Basically, this is the whole story. Will you pay me to talk? ” – Sasha asks me to round off, in ten minutes she has a pair. I look at the semi-erotic photographs in Sasha’s group, and I am overcome by doubt. 

– I still can’t understand your motivation, Sasha, – I say at the end. – When I was a schoolgirl, even open flirting with boys was condemned by peers. Why do you go for it so easily? 

Sasha is silent for half a minute. Our age difference is only four years.

– We grew up on the Internet. We have no fear of being judged. 

From the conversation, I realized that there are no secrets of how to sell your things to fetishists – the Internet provides opportunities for any experiments. Grandmother said that morality must be protected. But where will she go? Will the crow carry it away? 


“I was her shoe cabinet”: why do people pretend to be furniture and who turns it on

“I was her shoe cabinet”: why do people pretend to be furniture and who turns it on

Anyone can be a fetishist

Oleg is 27 years old, he sits at my feet on the lower step of the ladder, which is adjacent to the children’s slide. We met at the subway and went to the playground nearby. I don’t want to talk to him about myself, but Oleg is very talkative. While we were walking to the site, he managed to ask me what films I like and what food I prefer. I try to interrupt his stream of thoughts with something. I unbutton my long boots. I have to do everything quickly – and I’m already embarrassed.

A couple of days ago, I decided to act in a simple way: not to promote a personal brand, but only to find out what it feels like. I went to several other fetish groups and posted posts that I was also ready to sell “my things.” The message seemed dull and empty, without erotic photos in an apartment with a “grandmother’s renovation” or a London Mistress of secretions on the linen that filled the tape. But I did a lot in this industry, so my real, not fake, the page got attention. The face was filled with messages.

“You better help me,” I say to Oleg. – Give me jeans. 

I am already sitting without shoes and suddenly I see a group of teenagers passing through the site. They look at us and speed up. I’m waiting. Oleg seems to have this adrenaline rush – he doesn’t even try to cover me. I am wearing a dress, a light jacket, tights half removed. When the boys disappear, I quickly pull off my pantyhose. I give them to Oleg, and he gives me jeans. 

Why did I choose him? He was the only one who demanded anything decent. Everyone else asked for panties or a bra. A couple of people asked about pads, and one guy asked if I could sell him my dress (in the end my size didn’t fit him). Oleg is “not one of these”. He said that he found the ad by accident, and he “just liked me.” What he did in fetish publics, history is silent. Within a couple of days after we signed off, he asked how I was doing and what I was doing. I answered dryly, but didn’t resist – after all, maybe it was just a courtesy.


– Let me put boots on you? He suggests.

I do not want to enter into tactile contact with him and do not answer. Oleg put forward a condition that I take off the tights with him – to make sure that I really wore them. We agreed to meet on the street. It was a compromise. I zip up my jeans, take one boot. The second one nevertheless takes Oleg and helps to put it on. He smiles and says that I smell good. I jump to the ground and take the bag from him.

– Please, my money! – I answer him with a smile. He rummages through his pockets, shifting tights from hand to hand. Finally, he finds a thousand rubles and gives it to me. 

– Thanks! I’m in a hurry, I need to do a course. Let’s move the cafe for another time? In any case, we will write off. 

He says something, but I refuse and in a minute I disappear into the well of houses. His cloyingness is unpleasant to me, a slight tremor runs through his body. Such a tremor when they look after me, but I do not want to offend a man, so I rush between consent and refusal, obeying the circumstances.

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