Financial domination is a practice from BDSM, when the mistress controls the income and expenses of her slave, and sometimes his entire life. The author of “Afisha Daily” Milana Logunova found a wealthy man and spent several days managing his wallet.

I realized that he would be my gift for Valentine’s Day. At thirteen years old, Boris learned something about foot fetish: he liked to grab his little sister by the ankles and look at her heels, and once he thought about licking her legs and had a vivid orgasm. After that, Boris learned something else about life: his parents’ money did not help him achieve pleasure. He tried to buy photographs of women’s feet, but he simply didn’t enjoy the purchase. Then Boris realized that he did not like the purchase itself, but the feeling of humiliation from this process.

“Milana, hello! I read your articles about femdom, foot fetish, some others, and remained very intrigued by your thoughts. I would like to offer myself as your sponsor. “

Did Boris mean that he wants to publish my book or buy all my texts for twenty years in advance? Not really. He wanted me to take it out on him.

We agreed that we will spend five days of the session in the London Mistress lifestyle mode, during which I will monitor all the expenses and actions of my submissive… Now he is obliged to ask my permission for every purchase or occupation. He is obliged to obey any of my orders, even if it will cost him too much. Even if I ask you to buy me a place in the Masonic lodge or give me all the issues of Afisha from April 1999 to December 2015 – and where to look for them, let him think for himself. 


“Good morning, dear Lady! I did a little exercise in the morning, mainly from push-ups, two kilometers on a stationary bike and also a short run. Now I plan to finish, and then shower and have breakfast. “

On the first day of the experiment, I order Boris to send detailed photo reports about his life. Oatmeal with peanut butter. Redfish soup. Avocado and arugula salad. Cheese plate. Everything he eats during the day goes straight to my telegram. This food lies on porcelain plates with gold patterns. I spy on a beautiful life. 

“I spent 72 rubles on a cola during a working meeting, sorry I didn’t ask permission,” Boris writes. I answer: “How much more will you have to learn.”

Boris does not show his face, nor does he speak about the exact location: anonymity was his main request. Nevertheless, I know enough about him. For example, that right now he is visiting his parents at their homestead, and the rest of the time he studies and works in the UK. That he is twenty-four years old, and he earns, according to him, by trading assets in the stock market. He takes money for investment from the parents’ accounts, after which he reports in detail to relatives about all his large expenses and profits. 

I ask him to send me an income and expense report and receive a table in Excel. Purchase of currency – 110 thousand rubles. Maintenance of a Mercedes – 34,117 rubles London Mistress. Renting an apartment – 159,553 rubles. University fee – 707,764 rubles. The amount of investments for the year is 2.5 million rubles. The amount of proceeds is 4.5 million rubles.

Boris says: “It’s just that as long as I multiply the return on standard deposits, I believe that I should be rewarded.”

Boris considers spending on his mistress a reward. My answer is that since he did not bother to ask my permission about the cola, today he must find any community of anarchists in social networks and transfer 72 rubles to any of the participants. Boris asks: “Maybe a little more?” I reprimand him so as not to argue. He sends me a screen of how he asks a punk woman for a bank card to transfer.

I’m not Boris’s first lady. He took up financial domination a year and a half ago, when he paid for a half-hour session with the webmistress for five hundred rubles. In the process, Mrs. forced Boris to transfer an additional fifteen hundred. 

I think this is not surprising: fetishists often lose their heads during sessions. This is the main reason why the dominatrix generally agrees to a session for five hundred rubles. In one of the materials about the  findom, the foot fetishist admitted that he begins to send money uncontrollably to women when they tease him with their feet.Because of this, he ran into large debts, and now the bank has become his financial dominance.

Boris adds: “After such sessions, I regretted that I acted impulsively. In ordinary life, I am very careful about money.  “

It seems to me that throwing off large sums is like going to a psychologist. By following orders, you learn to part with money a little easier and relieve yourself of responsibility. In the documentary film Bi-bi-si pro dominatrix tells an interesting case: a slave agreed to fold hundreds of dollars every time you retweet a post mistress. She scored 187 retweets – the slave threw away the lost amount, after which he disappeared.

Boris says: “The worst thing was that the Lady did not want to prove her authenticity in any way. I have not received a single voice recording or photo with a face . “

This is nothing special. One of the trends in recent years is fake ladies. Submissives complain that there are many scammers on the Internet who steal photos from professional dominos and then beg for money on their behalf. The problem is some submissives like it.

There are even Twitter accounts that post the following words to the status: “I am a fake, but you are such a nonentity that you will send me money anyway.”

And they do receive money, ostensibly because the submissives London Mistress do not notice this status. But the reason is that submissives like to be deceived.

Boris continues: “The Second Lady was younger than me. She was 19, but she confirmed her reality with photos, audio, video and an Instagram page. With her, the quality of the sessions was better. After some time of communication with me, she had problems, and she asked for a loan. I did something stupid and believed that I would get my money back. At the moment, the amount of her debt has exceeded 48,800 rubles. According to her, she was diagnosed with a tumor . “

Submissives love fictional stories. This is also part of the game. Some dominatrixes use anime or video game character accounts. For example , the fish Dory from the cartoon “Finding Nemo” or the witch Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.” When a submissive writes a fake, he gets a unique experience – after all, there is nothing more humiliating than being deceived by the fish Dory. 

Boris says: “I recently met the third Lady. She is more of a psychologist than just a dominatrix. It does not require specific amounts and allows me to choose the payment myself. She demands that I do not “cheat” with others. “

Boris is conducting a session with me in secret, and this is also part of the game. Some submissives deliberately do not fulfill the mandatory requests of the mistresses, after which they receive their punishment. How will the ladies know about this? Slaves talk about their sins themselves.

I give Boris the order to send me 5,000 rubles to Yandex.Wallet. Immediately. This money will be a pledge in case he cheats on me or does not follow all orders. Boris dutifully transfers the entire amount.

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