When you learn to be submissive during BDSM sex, you’ll experience a whole new world of totally new and amazing sex. First, keep in mind that submission and player-swapping is a two-way street, which means you’ll have to talk to your man about it if you’re interested in it.

It’s best to talk to him about it before going into action and not in the heat of the moment between the two of you. Moving from casual sex to sex that includes BDSM can be difficult or awkward at this point. Prior discussion also helps you determine what you are comfortable doing and not doing.

If you’re not sure how your partner will react,  approach the subject by explaining exactly what you want to do such as being tied, spanked, scourged, blindfolded, controlled orgasm, or other forms of BDSM.

You may simply want to win his heart, but saying you want to try BDSM might give you more forms of commitment and discipline or even unreal abusive ideas. safe, sane, and consensual in this game.

Unless he is receptive for the time being, it would be better to discuss the matter at a neutral time and place. This also gives you time to research how BDSM can be risky.


Hopefully, you will be matched with a partner who is interested in acting as a partner with you, but this is not always the case. While you can’t force the desire to dominate in another, you can highlight how powerful he will feel by taking on that role so that he can ask for and carry out activities. pornography with you.

You may also find that your partner is interested in trying out a dominant role but is worried about hurting you. This is a major obstacle for some couples during pre-play exchanges.

There is a safe word that you will read about later that can put you and your partner at ease. If you know how pain or submission excites you, you might as well explain how that feels to you. For example, you could tell him that even though something might hurt, you don’t experience it in a negative way. It’s something that makes you more excited, more excited.

Either way, your boyfriend or husband may need encouragement if you’re really interested in this. In fact, if he has an interest in dominating you, he may not understand what you see when playing with partners. If this is the case, just explain it to him.

If passionate care is a big component, you can discuss how to please him.


Before you begin specific activities related to submission, you need to understand what it takes to be a good follower. This platform will guide your words, behavior, and even thoughts as a submissive person. And these guidelines don’t just help you serve your partner, they help you determine if a partner is right for you, grow as a person, and get the most out of your relationship.

LEARN HOW TO BE SUPERIOR IN SEX BDSM 3The basis for sending an invitation includes only entering into a game or relationship to which you fully agree, being honest with yourself and your partner, being open-minded, and caring about mental health. and your physicality. 

To be a good follower requires tremendous trust. If not, how or why would you give control to your partner? During gameplay, it is your responsibility not only to listen to the commands given but also to use your safe word (more on that in a bit) if the game hits your limit. 

You should also provide feedback on gameplay scenes!

Submissives may have specific expectations in their scenes and relationships, and these, including penalties, are agreed upon by both the dominator and the submissive. Because each relationship or interaction can look so different, there is no universal description of what makes a good follower.

This is also why you can make a wonderfully submissive partner an underwhelming one. Instead, you must define who you are/want to be and how you will interact with your partner and rely on this to guide your good submissive behavior. 

Finally, remember that there is no such thing as a perfect follower. Your submission, like everything else in your life, is imperfect, and striving to be the best version of yourself is a lifelong project.

You can only work on being a better submissive tomorrow than you are today, and disappointments in your life or relationship can make it sometimes difficult to be a good submissive. It’s also important to note that what it means to be a good follower can change over time as your relationship changes

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