1. BDSM is not as painful as you think

In fact, according to expert research, there is no shortage of people who have found the pinnacle of sensuality when trying these styles of love. Sometimes the boredom, regularity, and routine make people no longer interested in “love” anymore.

But just renewing with a whip, a set of handcuffs, a police hat, or an eyepatch, your love life has been greatly ignited. Boredom disappears, excitement is called abundant!

2. Should tell the other party about your BDSM taste

The two of you should have a frank conversation to avoid your friend being beaten up by him, my face is crying because of pain + pain, and he’s just dumbfounded “Oh, I thought you liked it?!”.

It’s best to lie down together first, you like this, I want that. Only then will the “love” script be made to the right quality and taste of the two of you!

3. No need to invest too much money

Giants like Mr.Grey have a Play Room equipped with 1001 toys, but few ordinary people have that ability! Just keep calm, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to have a satisfying BDSM love life.

As mentioned above, you need to talk to see what your needs are. If the two of you just love the gentle BDSM style, then fur-lined handcuffs or a rabbit-eared mane + black lingerie is enough to make him tremble with excitement.

4. Start gently

Foreplay is always encouraged in any relationship, London Mistress BDSM or not. Therefore, do not rush into the main story right away, extremely bland.

Instead, pet each other a little, stimulate each other a little, take the time to “wake him up” a little longer. I’m sure he’ll be much more excited when he enters the game.

5. Just instinctively “fight”

Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Be free to let yourself go to your own excitement. What’s interesting about being “in love” but also having to work hard? Be yourself, do what you want, that’s perfect love.

6. Flexibility with poses

Don’t stick to certain poses. BDSM always encourages couples to switch roles and positions in love to achieve pleasure in different ways (if you want to, of course).

7. Don’t stress too much!

Take it easy. Love to relieve stress. Too much stress and no fun. There are bound to be very weird moments that make you want to die, but that’s okay, just laugh it off and let it go. He’ll be back in action soon!

What are the benefits and harms of having a BDSM relationship?

BDSM sex is a form of sex that goes beyond the norm. Those who desire this type of sex, experience a lot of benefits from this sadistic, slightly monstrous way of sex.

Benefits of a BDSM . relationship

First, this type of sex helps couples reduce stress. They feel comfortable, comfortable when making love with each other in this form. As a result, it can prevent diseases like high blood pressure and a weak immune system.

Masturbating also helps couples improve their psychological health. According to research results in the world, people with sadistic and masochistic sex acts are not psychologically damaged, on the contrary, they have a better psychological balance than the other groups.

Realizing that in fact, people belonging to the BDSM sex school are more extroverted, always open, less anxious and they understand their sexual needs, as well as how to express their needs. own demand.

The BDSM relationship also helps to increase the bond between the two partners, helping them understand each other better, creating closer and more love between two like-minded souls.

Harms when having BDSM relationships in the wrong way and excessively

When having sex like BDSM will easily cause trauma due to its strong impact. Therefore, couples need to be very careful, to avoid harm to health, skin scratches, and bone pain.

Having sex this way will often involve a lot of blood and bodily fluids. Therefore, you must be very careful, to avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases.

What is the law for BDSM?

According to the wiki, the laws for BDSM are different in each country. The acts of BDSM with the consent of the participating individuals are considered illegal not because it is BDSM but because actions such as hitting and slapping others can be considered a violation of human rights and constitute a crime.

In Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, and Scandinavia, such acts are in principle legal. In Austria, the regulation is not clear while in Switzerland some BDSM acts are illegal.

Cases like People v. Jovanovic and Operation Spanner show that uncertainty causes difficulties for the individuals and authorities involved.

Besides having to follow safe sex principles, BDSM behavior often requires more care and safety than normal sex.

According to a 2005 survey of 317,000 people in 41 countries, about 20% had at least once used a mask, blindfold or another binding device. 5% consider themselves related to BDSM.


So above is some information to help you better understand what BDSM is, what S, M is, as well as the expression of BDSM. If you want to give it a try, refer to the 7 steps BDSM shared above to have a new feeling in sex. Guaranteed you and your lover will have unforgettable moments.

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