For developed countries, an important factor in BDSM is that both parties must be voluntary. This is the choice of each person if they like or dislike this form. No one has the right to force you into a BDSM relationship if you don’t like it. If coercion occurs, London Mistress’s sexual harassment-related crimes can be counted.

Currently, there are many conflicting opinions surrounding whether BDSM should be considered a proper relationship behavior?

Many people think that they are good, creating peak efficiency. But there are also people who even consider BDSM as illegal because they directly harm other people’s bodies.

BDSM-style “love” is only good when both agree and enjoy it. Instead of using high-damage tools when having sex, couples should use “toy” tools in sex. These items are usually shaped as you want, but made of soft materials, so there is less injury on the body.

What are the telltale signs that you are suffering from BDSM?

  • Order to force the other party to perform sexual acts according to your wishes.
  • In love, you like to hold the other’s hair.
  • Likes to leave marks on the opponent’s body with bites. Consider this action you are marking your territory with the opponent.
  • Prefers sex positions that are domineering, controlling, and dominating.
  • Likes to use sexual aids such as leather straps, handcuffs, handcuffs, blindfolds with partners.
  • Likes to use sexual aids such as leather straps, handcuffs, handcuffs, blindfolds with partners.
  • Likes slapping his partner’s butt while making love.
  • There are actions that disrespect the London Mistress opponent.
  • Favorite place when having sex is around the neck of the partner.

Calling or calling the other person’s name with vulgar or offensive words.

What’s wrong with loving BDSM?

If you’ve seen the movie 50 Shades of Gray, it’s easy to see that Christian Gray’s character tends to enjoy BDSM games. The reason is that he was sexually abused as a child and was lured into this path.

However, in reality, a person who enjoys BDSM does not necessarily need to be abused or abused. They can completely be happy with their family life, have a peaceful childhood, and have the ability to choose BDSM as an adult.

Not everyone who likes BDSM also has the psychotic syndrome, their brain is still functioning normally, they communicate and work with others normally. Sometimes there is also a tendency to be more extroverted and open-minded than other sexually active people.

In fact, there are many BDSM clubs, BDSM pages on the internet, and real-life organizations trying to propagate the call to follow the principle of nature when having sex.

Foreign porn sites also remind their users to respect their partners. BDSM is only real art in bed when everyone feels happiness.

Instructions on how to love according to SDSM sublime and healthy

BDSM (of course, “promoted” and widely introduced around the world through the novel series “50 Shades”) has become much more “friendly”. If you know-how, you can absolutely have a BDSM love affair with him and make him fall in love like the way Gray fell in love with Anastasia!

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